Thursday, May 27, 2010

For some reason lately I have been really into drawing, watercolor and pastel.....but as you can see...still living the stuffed-animal life.


  1. hey brandy shit i have been slacking so hard recently. Ok lets start the critique hahah

    The first reaction i had in looking at these, was the medium you used to create each piece. It seems like you're exploring some new media. Well I don't know if you've done it before, but i never seen you use pastels and markers(1st pic?). What is striking to me is how each piece shows a different side of the animal heads. It might be due to how you capture the animal heads that shows a different look on them. In the last piece the animals look a bit more menacing hahha How do you feel about these??!?!?? cause im liking them (i clicked the invisible facebook like button)

  2. hahahaha soo good! Well I'm having a lot of fun using these chalk pastels because I'm able to do the exploration that I want without having to commit to a whole painting. Its quick and not too messy so I'm able to get my basic ideas down. I just thought it would be cool to check out this same subject in different media. THANK YOU FOR LOOKING!!!! :))) And stop slacking!!! :P I want to see more stuff from you!